About Kulturskolan

In these times we live in, culture and Kulturskolan are more important than ever. Everyone needs a forum where they can be creative, learn in a fun way, develop, express themselves and discover something new. Kulturskolan is also a place where you can meet new people.

When you leave Kulturskolan, we hope you’ll have a hobby for life or go on to study at a higher level. We love diversity here at Kulturskolan, and tailor our courses to your requirements as far as possible.

Kulturskolan is run by Älmhult Municipality, and the local authority strongly encourages children and young people to take part in meaningful cultural and recreational activities.

Good to know

  • Our courses include a minimum of 23 sessions per year. This includes performances and rehearsals.
  • It is important that you specify a first and second choice. There may be a temporary waiting list for some courses.
  • The following instruments may be rented: violin, cello, trumpet, trombone, tuba, horn, flute, clarinet and saxophone.
  • Lessons are 20 minutes a week, either during or after school time. Lessons taking place after school are held at Kulturskolan.