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Important Public Announcement (IPA)

Important Public Announcement, is a warning system used in the event of accidents and serious incidents, severe disruptions to essential services and in cases of emergency.

The warning system includes information on radio and television, and in some cases the outdoor warning system "Hesa Fredrik". The signal in the outdoor warning system consists of seven beeps of one second in length with a 14 second break in between. Outdoor warning systems are installed in larger urban areas throughout Sweden, including Älmhult.

When you hear the signal from the outdoor warning system, you must:

  • Go indoors
  • Close all doors, windows and vents
  • Listen to the radio for information (observe that the information on the radio is in Swedish). You can also visit the municipality's webpage for information. Information in English will be given in the greatest possible extent.

When the danger has passed, you will hear a signal of 30/40 seconds in length.

The outdoor warning system is tested at 3 pm on the first Monday in March, June, September and December.

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