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Leisure-time centre fees

Älmhult Municipality applies a fee ceiling for childcare fees.

The fee ceiling for leisure-time centres means that the income ceiling is adjusted annually. The adjustment is defined by the Swedish National Agency for Education.

The income ceiling for 2020 is SEK 50 340

Fee calculation using the fee ceiling

The fee is calculated as a percentage (%) of the family’s total gross income (pre-tax income) x a pre-defined percentage (per child) = the childcare fee payable per month, regardless of the childcare hours.

If the family’s total monthly income is SEK 50 340 or more, the highest fee is paid; see the fees below.

Child no. 1 = the youngest child with a place

The fee is payable for 12 months/year.

The fee is the same no matter how many hours the child attends a leisure-time centre.

Fees for leisure-time centre.


Maximum fee

Child 1


SEK 1007

Child 2


SEK 503

Child 3


SEK 503

Child 4

No fee

The following forms of remuneration and welfare benefits are included in the parent’s/guardian’s income used to calculate the fee:

  • income from employment
  • professional fees
  • income from business activities
  • passive income from capital
  • income from other gainful activities
  • sickness benefit (sjukpenning)
  • parental benefit (föräldrapenning)
  • unemployment benefit (arbetslöshetsersättning)
  • activity support
  • study grants (utbildningsbidrag)
  • pension benefits (gross)
  • care allowance (vårdbidrag – taxable portion)
  • family allowance (familjebidrag) in the form of family credit (familjepenning – gross)
  • remuneration for foster children (fee portion)
  • payment from a trade union conflict fund (konfliktersättning)
  • occupational injury annuity (livränta – taxable portion)
  • company car benefit

The following welfare benefits are not included in income used to calculate the fee:

  • child allowance (barnbidrag)
  • government student aid (statligt studiestöd) in the form of extended child allowance (förlängt barnbidrag) and study allowance (studiehjälp)
  • housing supplement (bostadstillägg) for families
  • various forms of disability benefit (handikappersättning)
  • care allowance (vårdnadsbidrag) for disabled children
  • municipal housing supplement (kommunalt bostadstillägg) for the disabled
  • income support (socialbidrag)
  • maintenance allowance (underhållsbidrag)/benefit advance (bidragsförskott)
  • government student aid (statligt studiestöd) in the form of post-secondary student aid (studiemedel)
  • introduction benefit
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