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Notification of illness

If your child needs to take a day off school due to sickness, it is important that you text the school office (076-853 29 22) before 8 a.m.  Or, you may notify us through Managebac.

The message will be given to the class teacher. You must send us a message each day that your child is sick.

Planned Absence

All school days are mandatory. Parents are kindly requested to plan family holidays during the many weeks of school holidays during the year, A longer absence during the school year puts a great demand on the student to acquire the knowledge necessary in order to reach the curriculum goals.

If there are particular reasons for absence e.g. dentist or doctor visits etc., the parent should submit an Absence Request form Pdf, 98.5 kB, opens in new window. (Pdf, 98.5 kB)to the class teacher/headmaster who may grant up to a maximum of ten days per school year.

The guardian has full responsibility if the student does not come to school on obligatory school days. All absences must be reported to the school.

The above planned absence procedure does not apply to Pre-School which is not mandatory. In order for a student to fully benefit from the academic and social opportunities, however, consistent attendance is needed.

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