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School Nurse

The School Nurse works to promote health, prevent illness and to detect health risks to students at The International School of Älmhult at an early stage:

  • pupil welfare work
  • preventive health care
  • targeted health screening
  • assessment of medical problems
  • professional medical advice   

The school doctor can be reached by the school nurse, 0476-642410

Director of School Health : Evalotte Lind 0476-55023


The main task of the school health is to promote health and to be part of the school's student welfare.

All Students are offered:

Children 6 years old:

• A health talk, parent/parents together with their child,

• A check up of growth; length, height eyesight and hearing

Pupils 8 years old:

• Vaccination against measles, rubella and mumps. 

• A check up of length and height

Pupils 10 years old:

• A health talk, and a check up of growth; length, height and eyesight

Girls 11 years old:

• Vaccination against HPV, Humane Papillom Viruse, 3 doses

Pupils12 years old:

• Vaccination against measles, rubella and mumps

• A check up of length and height

Pupils 14 years old:

• A health talk, a check up of growth; length and height, eyesight, colour vision, medical study and vocational guidance

Before vaccination  we always ask for a permission and you will always be informed of the date.

The School Health Care is voluntary and as a parent you can turn the offer down. 

School health care goals:

  • to monitor pupil´s overall progress
  • to protect and enhance students´ mental and physical health
  • to ensure students´ right to seek health care at school
  • to provide basic medical care efforts
  • to work for a good working environment for students
  • student talks in various forms is the main task

The school doctor and the school nurse have the strictest form of confidentiality, which means that they must not reveal any information of a personal nature, without the consent of the student or parents.
Good health is not just absence of disease but also a feeling of being healthy, able to handle life´s challenges, feel the meaningfulness of life and to feel needed. (WHO definition of heath)

Many factors affect how you feel, for example regular meals, sound sleep and physical activity. Good health is something that you yourself can create.
Our health is in direct proportion to how we treat our bodies — how we eat, whether we smoke, how much we exercise ourselves, how we thrive.

You will live in your body for the rest of your life! Listen to your body´s signals!

Can you do something today to feel better?
If you have questions concerning your health — contact the school nurse, Anne Olsson 0476-642410.

The municipality has signed an accident insurance which is in force around the clock for all students who are living in the municipality of Älmhult. Students living outside the municipality are insured during school hours and on their travels to and from school. For more information please follow the link External link, opens in new window..

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